Sell Your Collection

Did you know that our Treasury Department has a hard time letting go their valuables and are constantly looking for new precious assets to keep the Treasury Department in a healthy condition?

If you have a private collection that you would like to clean up or if you are a retailer that wants to liquidate inventory, please e-mail us and we will make sure that the miniatures receive a great home. Please make use of the mailing form below, please make sure you send a description list (For example: 5x Bull Centaurs, 3x Centigors etc.) and attach pictures of the miniatures through the “Drag & Drop” Menu Below. We offer Cash or the Cash Amount + 20% in redeemable Store Credit so you can switch armies in a fast way!

If you have any troubles with uploading Files, just send us an e-mail here and we’ll go from there

Thank you in advance for replenishing our Treasury Department.